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Strawberry Varieties

Albion (USPP 16228)
The Albion strawberry variety produces an abundance of very attractive and always delicious fruit. Albion was developed by Dr. Douglas Shaw. In the hands of an expert strawberry grower Albion is an good performer and highly regarded by the retail trade. The Albion strawberry variety bears fruit in Watsonville CA from April to December.

Cabrillo (USPP)
With the strawberry named Cabrillo world reknowned small fruit breeder DV Shaw has hit the ball out of the park in a grand slam. (D.V. Shaw, T. Famula 2005) Cabrillo is the highest ranked by our accounting of varieties for it's combined reliable flavor, economic yield, appearance and shelf life of merchandise together with a very significant improvement in production and harvest cost. "Cabrillo" is arguably the most economical of any commercial strawberry cultivar in the world, having in several ways exceeded the performance of the previous highest performer.

Merced (USPP)
The "Merced" strawberry variety produces significant quantities of early fruit in the cool coastal California growing areas of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. And not only is the fruit early it is the most economical to harvest due the smaller plant size and very low cull rate of the Merced variety. Uniformly Conical fruit from March to Septempber in the northern California coastal environment. Another outstanding example of Dr. Shaw's recent releases, "Merced" produces flavorful medium-red strawberries of uniform conic figure with exceptionally high sheen.

Monterey (USPP 19767)
The University of California at Davis and DV Shaw "Monterey" strawberry is a very economical steady bearer of resiliant conical fruit from May to December in northern California.