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Strawberry Varieties

Albion (U.S. Plant Patent no_ PP16228)
The "Albion" strawberry variety produces an abundance of very attractive always delicious fruit. "Albion" was developed by Dr. Douglas Shaw at the University of California. In the hands of an expert strawberry grower "Albion" is an outstanding performer and highly regarded by the retail trade. The Albion strawberry variety bears fruit in Watsonville CA from April to December. Always sweet and aromatic, smooth high sheen appearance with a rich solid red color. Shape is mixed conical and wedge. Sizing is variable medium-large.

Cupcake (U.S. Plant Patent no_ PP23956)
In northern California the "Cupcake" variety is an early bearer, fruiting from March to October. A pleasant flavored berry it is firm, medium opacity, uniform pink red color, excellent sheen and is highly rated for shipping and shelf life. 16 count medium sized berries are mostly uniform in size and shape.

Ginza (U.S. Plant Patent no_ PP23934)
The "Ginza" strawberry surpasses many California grown varieties for shelf-life and appearance. In the central coast district of California "Ginza" produces steadily from May through October. It is an early bearer of consistant size and shape, firm light colored fruit suitable for Asian and Middle Eastern export markets. The "Ginza" strawberry is conical and uniform in size.

Merced (U.S. Plant Patent no_ PP)
The "Merced" strawberry variety produces significant quantities of early fruit in the cool coastal growing areas of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. And not only is the fruit early it is very economical to harvest due the the very low cull rate of the Merced variety. Uniformly Conical fruit from March to Septempber in the northern California coastal environment. Another outstanding example of Dr. Shaw's recent releases, "Merced" produces flavorful medium-red strawberries of uniform conic figure with exceptionally high sheen.

Monterey (U.S. Plant Patent no_ PP19767)
The "Monterey" strawberry variety is a heavy bearer of conical fruit from May to December in northern California. Another of Dr. Douglas Shaw's creations, "Monterey" is arguably the most economical of any strawberry in the world.