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Strawberry Varieties

The Albion variety is a very attractive strawberry bearing fruit from April to December. The berry posseses a slighty rain resistant skin however at early season, with too much fertilizer the fruit can grow overly large. Always sweet and aromatic, smooth high sheen appearance with a rich solid red color. Shape is mixed conical and wedge. Sizing is variable medium-large.

Cupcake is a proprietary variety developed by Sweet Darling Strawberry. In northern California the Cupcake variety is an early bearer, fruiting from March to December. A pleasant flavored berry it is a firm, bright shine, medium opacity red, uniform color, bruise resistant, strong skin, excellent sheen, high shipping and shelf life ratings. 16 count medium sized berries are mostly uniform in size and shape.

Sabrina is a proprietary variety developed by Planasa. Sabrina surpasses all other northern California varieties for shelf-life and appearance after days of storage. It is an early bearer of consistant size and shape, very firm fruit. Sabrina is perfectly conical and very uniform size throughout the pack. Flavor is good. Sabrina pollinates very uniformly and thus never produces misshapen fruit. Sabrina does not show bruising.